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| Strategy

Since Tortuga’s inception, the foundation of our investment strategy rests on three core tenets: Uncompromising quality, Open dialogue, and Unequivocal integrity. 

| Our Strategies

Sphere on Spiral Stairs


Private Equity

In our private equity investments, we excel in transforming potential into profitability by leveraging sector-specific expertise and a global outreach to meticulously select and enhance key value drivers of our investment thesis. We focus on preserving the founder's legacy and ensuring superior returns for our limited partners. 


Growth Equity

Our growth equity investment methodology is distinguished by our commitment to empowering burgeoning companies at the cusp of exponential growth. We infuse strategic capital with invaluable industry insights and data-driven operational prowess to catalyze their ascendancy. We strongly believe in solving real-world problems through innovation to generate superior returns. 



Through our secondaries investment strategy, we approach complexities with a macroeconomic paradigm to our investment thesis to provide tailored liquidity solutions. Our adeptness in identifying undervalued assets and seamless execution capabilities allows us to unlock hidden value, offering our limited partners a pathway to diversified and resilient portfolios.

| Core Values


Our foundational belief is that trust drives successful partnerships. We hope to build unshakable trust with our companies and investors through unequivocal transparency 

Robust partnerships

We focus on developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our investors, portfolio company executives, and colleagues


We create respectful, diverse environments to draw on the idiosyncratic strengths of each of our team members

Unrivaled value

We are committed to providing every resource in our extensive operating partner network to deliver enhanced operating results and superior investment returns

| Investment Criteria

Our firm focusses on channeling investments into technology-enabled businesses across multiple verticals. We employ a nuanced strategy, rooted in our deep understanding of macroeconomic shifts and technological advancements. 

  • Annual Revenue: $5.0M - $100.0M

  • EBITDA: $2.0M - $30.0M

  • Control positions and selective minority equity positions

  • Flexible investment structures 

  • Specialize in platform creations and add-on strategies

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